Puppet Van Theater


Puppet’s Van 2016

In the frame of Zaza Festival: A collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality and Bezalel.

Design of the Van: Shir Shushan

Performers: Kirkasum (Shiri and Dan)

Workshops: Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz, Yeudith Shlosberg, Keren Dambinsky, Ktura Manor

Dates & Places:

6.12 | 16:00 Kiryat Menachem



Puppet’s Van 2015

puupets van 2015

Design Sara Wendt

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Street Theater

Here comes    Puppet Van

driving up and down!

The children run and yell:

“it’s coming in the town!”.

It  stops next to a playground

playing tunes aloud,

The show’s  about to start –

come and be the crowd..” 

[rev_slider puppet]


Artistic directors: The Train Theater and Sala-manca group

Actor: Jonathan Ben Haim

Art desingers – the underground academy: Hagar Goren, Itamar Mendes-flohr, Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz and Ktura Manor

Production: Shlomit Yaacov

Productio assistant: Natalia Saied

Stills Photographer: Dor Kedmi

This project is an artistic project by the Train Theater and Mamuta Art and Media Center. The project is based to the course: “Art, mobility and activisem” Bezalel Academy of Art.