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The Runaway (escape, stand still, trespass)

Brandon LaBelle

Curated by Sala-manca

Opening hours: Mon., Wed.-Friday: 10:00-14:00

Compiling a selection of works by the artist, the exhibition “The Runaway (escape, stand still, trespass)” focuses on the itinerant, the self-organized and the restless as particular expressions and figures of movement. Through a range of strategies and creative processes, these figures interrupt the field of the visible by being on the run – a running away that unsettles borders and articulates new social imaginaries. The runaway acts as a critical figure that improvises and that requires support from others, that migrates and that stitches together from gleaned materials, to carve out a pathway of cultural survival. From alternative routes and creative withdrawals to daily encroachments and secret solidarities, the exhibition brings us closer to the creative potential of bodies in movement.

The exhibition includes the following works: The Free Scene (2017), Monument (to the wild imagination) (2014/2017), Handbook for the Itinerant (2012), A Thousand Secrets (2010), and The Sonic Body (2009-2011).


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