Reels on Wheels


Reels on Wheels is a mobile cinema project that will visit neighborhoods, towns, villages, and communities to project films and video works by local artists.

In the last decades we have watched as movie theaters have moved to the giant malls, video has entered the home, the price of a movie ticket has gone up and up, and the collective movie-watching experience has nearly faded, More and more people cannot afford to take part in this experience, not to mention those with limited mobility. In today’s age, when virtually any frame and shot can instantaneously reach our personal computer screen and cellular phone, we believe that the arts of cinema and the video must ask themselves—what is their place in today’s reality? The Reels on Wheels project is one chance to restore the viewing of these arts as a public and community event.

Every day, Reels on Wheels will visit a different community and will take part in the activities organized there by various organizations and centers in the community. Among others, Reels on Wheels will visit in communities affiliated with the organization Mahapach-Taghir: villages from the council of unrecognized villages in the Negev; the Ramat Eliyahu Art Workshop; “Mahsan 52” in Yeruham; and more. In each place, class