Resting Bitch


Resting Bitch

Resting Bitch

Sharon Balaban

Curators: Sala-Manca

Mamuta Art and Research Center and Hansen House


In this multi-screen video installation, spanning two floors of the galleries of Hansen House and the Mamuta Art and Research Center, Sharon Balaban reexamines the body in relation to its surroundings. The exhibition, composed as a video lexicon, reconstructs the body in the domestic sphere. “I am a domestic flaneur,” Balaban says of herself. Unlike the European male flaneur of Baudelaire and Benjamin, who has the leisure to get lost in the city and to experience it, unrestricted (an image that has influenced perceptions of photography, and art more generally, in the West), Balaban wanders within the private space and meditates upon daily activities that create a spatio-temporal framework that is difficult to escape. The product of this observation is a unique body of works, through which Balaban proposes an unconventional domestic practice – visceral and sensual on the one hand, absurd and full of humor on the other.

In the exhibit, Balaban creates a deceptive viewing experience: the impressive images undermine conventions through the ironic use of both language and materials that are associated with the circumscribed activities of an efficient daily routine. The photographer’s gaze reveals hidden dimensions in these day-to-day materials, while her female body interacts directly with them. Contrary to the modernist attempt to turn the social order on its head, Balaban works within it to create personal rituals of poetic subversiveness and self-irony. The upper space of Hansen House functions as a large-scaled hall of sorts displaying four of the works from the exhibition, while the Mamuta galleries on the lower level constitute a labyrinth-like structure containing eight additional works that create a meeting between the ordinary and the sublime.

Sharon Balaban

Video artist, born 1971. Lives and works in Jerusalem. Senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where she has served over the past decade as head of Video Studies in the Department of Screen-Based Arts. Her works are shown at galleries and museums in Israel and internationally.

Mamuta Art and Research Center

Exhibition design: Ariel Armoni | Production: Naama Mokady, Mamuta Art and Research Center | Technical direction and exhibition construction: Eitan Haviv | Graphic design: Yoav Perry and Dan Ozeri | Text editing: Inbal Kedar | English translation: Tamar Cohen | Arabic translation: Nagham Abuleil | Video equipment: Doron Projections | Drywall construction: Wael and Nasser Quneibi


The exhibition is made possible by the generous support of the Ostrovsky Family Fund, Tzili Charney – ZAZ10TS Gallery New York, Pais Lottery Fund, The Jerusalem Municipality, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Ministry of Culture, and The Artists’ Fund.

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Exhibition tours

A unique tour in the exhibition Resting Bitch with the artist, Sharon Balaban.

Meeting point: in front of the entrance to Mamuta, at the garden. Estimated tour length: 45 minutes.

Dates and time: Friday 16.09, at 10:00 am | Friday  21.10, at 11:00 am  | Friday  11.11, at 11:00 am  || Free Entrance

Additional events at the exhibition:

11.11, 11:00 Tour and Gallery talk

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7.12, 15:45-20:00

TimeLines: A  video symposium, as part of the closing event

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