By Daniel Kiczales

Duration: 16:10 minutes

 23.11.2023 – 1.2.2024

Opening: 23.11.23, 19:00

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The work “Spirits” is an original sound piece created by Daniel Kiczales for The Tea House Gallery. In the gallery space, in an imaginary cathedral, stand four figures – Yitzhak Rabin and three male singers. Together, they conduct a ceremony, a musical-textual journey based on an interview Rabin gave in English in 1994, a year before his assassination. Rabin’s voice resonates in the space like a ghost returning to be heard almost thirty years later, encountering Israeli society in the present, during a time of war.

Kiczales weaves Rabin’s voice with the voices of a male choir, serving as a musical-dramatic framework for the interview. Similar to a Greek chorus, the choir in the work serves as a moral and values-based framework for Rabin’s character, and through it, Kiczales creates a renewed meaning for the text.

In eight musical chapters, the choir accompanies Rabin’s voice, addressing various aspects related to the foundation of existence, the conflict, and the fracture of Israeli society. These aspects are interwoven with Rabin’s personal autobiography – the War of Independence, the Six-Day War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ethics and leadership, the Oslo Accords, terrorism and religious zealotry.

“Spirits” continues Kiczales’s recent works that explore and elevate found images and characters at the core of Zionist canon ethics. In this work, Kiczales applies his musical and studio expertise to artistic vision, creating a unique artistic musical piece.

Composition Order:

Conflict, Terrible Conflict

Our War of Independence

Norms of Behavior

A Real Terrible Story

This Fabric of Relations

Calculated Risk

Enemies of Peace

If I May Add…

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Choir: Ariel Leykin, Gidon Levy, Daniel Kiczales

Curator: Amir Bolzman | Musical Consultation: Laila Mazal Yenishen  | Mix: Amir Bolzman, Daniel Kiczales, Ori Kadishay | Project Manager: Naama Mokady | Artistic Directors: Mamuta Art and Research Center and Hansen House

Daniel Kiczales is an interdisciplinary artist who combines video, sound, action, and music in his works. His works include processes of deconstruction and analysis of images, site-specific actions and compositions, and exploration of relationships between sound and space. His works have been presented in local and international exhibitions and are part of various collections. As a musician, he has released solo albums, collaborated in the duo “Yuppies  with Jeeps,” and composed soundtracks for stage and cinema works.

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10:00-22:00, Fri 10:00-14:00

Photo by: Dor Kedmi


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Artist talk with Daniel Kiczales: joint listening and conversation about work processes with the artist and the curator Amir Bolzman. Free entrance. 23.1.24, 19:00

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