Monday 24th October, 19:30

Custom Creates Law

When does custom create laws?  Customary law is a recognized source of ruling within jurisdictions of the civil law tradition, but because it is not based on reasoned decision-making, it can become subject to discussion and interpretation. What does this mean in today‘s Israel? A state that knows both a consistent legal system and the Halakha, the jewish law, which affects every aspect of religious and nonreligious life. Not to mention the Law of Nations (the legal norms that have developed through the customary exchanges between states over time, whether based on diplomacy or aggression), that guarantees on one hand the State of Israels’ right to exist, but describes on the other hand the borders in which it has to exist.

Invited by Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art and Media Center and part of Culturescapes Festival in realizing an artwork in public space, the artist couple Barbara Meyer Cesta and Rudolf Steiner from Switzerland (aka „Haus am Gern“) will be dealing with the topics of custom, laws and the transgression of borders in a simple but ambiguous way.
They will also talk about their former works.
Haus am Gern are artists in residency at Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art and Media

The residency in the frame of Culture Scapes Swiss 2011 and with the support of Pro-Helvetia.

The Evening will be in English