We are a group of Arab and Jewish girls who have been participating in Mamuta’s video workshop for the past 5 days. We found this program really fun and interesting, and the guides (Yosi, Gay, Hadasa & Hagit) were very cooperative with us and willing to give us more and more knowledge about photographing and filming. This is an opportunity that comes only once in a life time, and it’s really great that we’ve managed to finish our shooting and editing successfully in a very short limited time. A lot of thanks for the guides, the facilitator (Asma) and the whole group that helped us making our films successful.
Written by Rawand and Tali.

The 7 girls participating in this project are taking part in a yearly Dialog Group for Arab and Jewish youth in Jerusalem’s YMCA.
The workshop was led by Yossi Atia, with collaboration of Hadassa Goldvicht, Asma Abuwasel, Guy Yitzhaki, Hagit Keysar, Noam Shpigler and Lael Kline. Coordinator, Hagit Keysar. Many thanks for the great meals made by Hila Gootriman and Dana Mizrahi.   This was made possible with the support of Diego&Lea (Sala-Manca Group) and Tsah Yahav in the education department of The Jerusalem Fund. In collaboration with YMCA Jerusalem, education department.