Voice in performance
An evening with Israeli Voice Artists: Victoria Hanna and Josef Sprinzak

Victoria will be accompanied by Santur player Adi Forti, and Josef by Jean Claude Jones

for further info: www.as.huji.ac.il/isf/

The voice artist evening aims to understanding of the voice in performance through the practical vocal research of two Israeli performance-artists, Victoria Hanna and Josef Sprinzak, that focus on the voice as their main medium. This evening will therefore offer a chance to explore the affinities and interactions between vocal performances, as a practice, and the endeavors to research the notion of voice in performance in an intellectual context. Josef Sprinzak is a performance and interdisciplinary artist living in Tel-Aviv. He has studied Computer Science and Visual Theater in Israel, and voice in the Roy Hart Artistic Center in France. Sprinzak is among the first sound poets in Israel. He has
been performing in various musical performance art, poetry, and theater events in Israel, Europe, and South Korea. His artistic language is based on breaking words into syllables, using breathing techniques, and extreme vocal production.

Victoria Hanna is a Jerusalem-based vocalist. In her performances Hanna enacts a unique presentation of sacred Hebrew texts, prayers and spirituals, in an entirely modern context that integrates theatre, music, spoken word and video art. Examples of such texts are the Book of Creation (attributed to Abraham), the book of Songs of Songs, and the writings of the Rabbi Abraham Aboulafia. Her work also integrates translations and original texts in languages such as English, Persian, Czech, Arabic and Gibberish. She has performed since the age of 20 and featured in films, theatre and music festivals all over the world: New Delhi Sacred Music Festival 2003 for the Dalai Lama; Melbourne international Arts festival 2005; Philadelphia Live Arts festival 2005; PICA – Portland 2005; Chicago word Music festival 2005; Israel Festival 2003.
In their performances, Hanna and Sprinzak use the voice to create a performative language that is based on breaking the structure of the texts they perform. Using various vocal techniques, such as breathing, stammering, screaming and whispering, Hanna and Sprinzak articulate, and thus interpret, the texts through the vocal rendering they perform.

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