Mamuta at the Daniela passal art and media center is proud to present:


A tribute to Debel gallery and independent art spaces panel

Participants: Ruth Debel, Tali Tamir, Ruti Director, Gideon Ofrat, Masha Zusman, Ami Shteinitz, Yael Amit, Shachar Sivan

concept of the evening: Sala-Manca group

Launching of ‘Dialogue’ booklet

December 20th, 20:00

Free admission

Gallery Debel operated in Jerusalem in the years when the city was a pilgrimage center for curators, journalists and art enthusiasts and even than it was exceptional in the Jerusalem landscape. Etienne and Ruth Debel represented known artists, and discovered new ones to the world. Yair Garbuz, Raffi Lavie, Gabriel Cohen, Yocheved Weinfeld, Maya Cohen Levy, Daniela Passal and many others presented their work at the gallery at the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s.

While curating different exhibitions, Ruth used to interview the exhibiting artists. She recorded their conversations and transcribed them .

In collaboration between Ruth Debel and Mamuta at the Daniela Passal art and media center, selected interviews were bind together into a booklet named ‘Dialogue’.

“Publishing the interviews positions them as documents for Israeli art field in general, and in the Jerusalem art scene in particular. As study and research material, but also as a tribute to the action of our colleagues from a different period, and as an attempt to connect between our work in the present to theirs, in the past’

(Sala-Manca group, introduction to ‘Dialogue’)

The booklet will be launched and available for purchase at the event.

Tali Tamir and Gideon ofrat- on Debel Gallery, Ruti Director will host the panel with Ami Steinitz as a representative for ‘Echad Ha’am 90’, Masha Zusman from ‘Barbur’ gallery, Shachar Sivan from ‘Ha’agaf’ gallery, Yael Amit from ‘Alfred’ gallery and Ruth Debel.