New Azazel | Music A-Festival


The New Azazel Musica A-Festival | Free Entrance

20:30 New Azazel – Music A-Festival

Not a festival and not a performance. Falling to the sky. Margins at the center. A shout from the silence. The basements at the attic. Azazel is conformed by short performances from the most interesting and radical musicians and poets working around. Azazel is the name of the first Kleynkunstbine (small stage) in Poland (1926). In Midrash literature is the name of one of the falling angels, the one who rebelled and didn’t agree to come back.

Participants (not final list):
Ameat M, Dana Tkatch + Tomer Damsky, Efrat Mishori, Pesach Slabosky, Dov Nemalim: Kobi Or & Chen Sheinberg, Alex Drool, Suicidal Furniture, Slaves Energy (Alon Ovnat, Sachi Piro), Boris Martzinovsky


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