Marks of Existence


Marks of Existence

MARKS OF EXISTENCE | Sharon Paz and Jürgen Salzmann


The exhibition “Marks of Existence” is the fruit of cooperation between Sharon Paz (Israel/Germany) and Jürgen Salzmann (Germany).

In this video installation, the artists create fantastic environments made up of layers whose origins are far apart from each other but who integrate into a whole illusionary environment. The building, which is a former leper’s hospital, together with its historical furniture, are present as an additional layer in the visual reality which the exhibition portrays. The use of shadows, silhouettes and cut-outs corresponds with European traditional shadow- puppetry and with experimental cinema as well as expands them, while causing the viewers to take part in the creation of the shadow theatre. 

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The exhibition held as part of the Mamuta prize of the experimental cinema and video art competition 2014, and supported by Mamuta art and media center, Hansen House, Manofim, the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Goethe-Institut as part of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany – Israel.