Now, All is in Place


Now, All is in Place

Now, All is in Place

Curators: Sala-Manca, Amir Boltzman

4.8.2022 – 22.9.22

“Now, All is in Place”is an original work created by the Medusa Vocal Ensemble and cellist Tom Klein for the Tea House Sound Gallery. The work is a sound installation and musical-textual arrangements set into the space of the Tea House. Written for four voices and cello, the work consists of arrangements for solo voice, duets, canons, choruses, and polyphonic textures. The vocal movements are inlaid with instrumental movements played on an array of resonant copper goblets.

The work moves between a unified choral sound and the exposure, stripping down, and stretching of each individual voice. Breaking the sound down using recording techniques serves to specify and emphasize the nuances  of each voice in the ensemble – the cracks, the trembles, the tension, the saliva, and the mood of each soloist on any given day.

The music and the text aspire to blur the distinction between “man” and “environment”, turning them into a single continuum. The work creates a new world that encapsulates the sublime and the pure alongside the marginal and the muddled, the visceral human body alongside celestial bodies, the harmonies of the city alongside flora and fauna.

Medusa is a vocal ensemble made up of four singer-composers.Through their original music they investigate different vocal qualities and the sonoric capacity of the human sound chamber. Their repertoire includes abstract compositions, improvisational works, arrangements of folk music, and works by avantgarde composers.

Tom Klein is a composer and cellist who moves between avantgarde and classical music. His works are characterized by poetic minimalism and an implicit romantic musical language that explores diverse possibilities of performance and playing. His rich body of works includes solo works, music for dance, public artworks, and more.

Artistic direction: Bar Eran and Tom Klein

Composition: Tom Klein, Bar Eran, Ellie Orian

Texts: Yoel Hoffmann, Yona Wallach

Performance: Tom Klein, Medusal Ensemble (Ellie Orian, Bar Eran, Noam Ahdut, Aya Gavriel)

Mix: Bar Eran and Ellie Orian

Recording technician: Eitan Habib

Text editing: Inbal Keidar
English translation: Tamar Cohen

Project manager: Gali Katsir

Producer: Naama Mokady

Recorded at the Lisbon Studios, Mamuta Art and Research Center

The exhibit was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Culture and Arts Fund 

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Mon-Thurs 10:00-22:00

Fri 10:00-16:00

Additional events at the exhibition:

20.9, 19:30

A gallery talk with the curator Maayan Shelef

A vocal workshop with Ensamble Medusa

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