Familiar Stranger by Maya Shleifer


Familiar Stranger | Maya Shleifer
Curators: Sala-Manca
Opening hours:
Tues.-Wed.: 10:00-14:00
Thurs: 14:00-18:00
Friday: 11:00-14:00
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Passersby, people on the train, women who meet during walks, passengers on the bus – others and strangers are the inspiration for Maya Shleifer’s series of works, which explores the world of familiar strangers as she imagines it.
In the exhibition, Maya’s illustrations gain another dimension through various techniques: from mythological devices that hark back to the early days of cinema like Zoetrope to physical computing. The installations in the exhibition hold a dialogue with the world of pop up books and incorporate projections of moving images and static illustrations in varying degrees of interactivity. The space in which Maya’s images are scattered echo the world of filmmaker Georges Méliès and animator William Kentridge, as well as the world of old children’s books.
Maya is an illustrator and a designer. We worked together for the first time when she was still a student at Bezalel, when she designed the first issue of Hearat Shulayim and devised the journal’s aesthetic line. In the 15 years that have passed since, she designed fascinating children’s books, among them “It’s Not Easy Being a Superhero”, “Princess Zohara,” and “The Bunny Who Wanted to be a Tree,” and was chief designer at TheMarker newspaper. All the while, she continued to create her own personal works.
This exhibition, which is Maya’s first in the art field, brings us back together. In this reunion which also we joined forces with Guy Yitzhaki, Nir Yahalom, Yuval Kedem, Studio Poink, Ofir Gal and Yuri Smertenko creating for Maya’s world of motion a space that is somewhere between an open studio, a laboratory, and a cabinet of curiosities.

Programing: Guy Yitzhaki
The wheel mechanism in ”The World is Round”: Yuval (Galileo) Kedem
Technical supervisor and Zoetrope: Nir Yahalom
Technical assistant: Yuri Smertenko
Sound: Ofir Gal
Animation: Studio Poink

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