Broken Kayfabe – Keren Shavit in collaboration with Adi Omry

  • Date: 2016


Broken Kayfabe – Keren Shavit in collaboration with Adi Omry


Opening: Tuesday July 12, 8pm
Exhibition hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00-15:00 — For group and guided visits in other hours please contact us
Curators: Sala-Manca
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North Carolina. Brooklyn. Dallas. Keren meets a family on the subway, she meets another family when she wants to learn the harmonica. She is drawn to them. They are drawn to her. She asks to film in their homes. To film them. In exchange, in one case she is asked to come to the local church every Sunday for two months. In another case she moves to North Carolina with the family she has met.
Who is she for them? She is Trixie the lover, or mom Trixie, or sister Trixie. And so the game begins. She asks them to tell her everything they do not like about her. They write letters to her and start rehearsing. They play with reality. Everyone are filming and everyone are acting…or are they? Trixie-Keren uses manipulations, staging the relationships while they direct themselves. She asks permission to eat their leftovers. This is the starting point of “Shelf Life.” She eats the leftovers and in return she has to surrender. Change her identity. Keren will give them all in order to get what she is looking for. What she needs. Examining different family models. She looks not to be loved, to get the leftovers. The entire world is an edge. The assistant director becomes a character, a member of the family. Trixie the whore is Keren the artist. She eats the leftovers of the family, which in return, ask of her to take part in the filming of their own horror screenplay which we will not get to see. (The screenplay and footage are the property of the “father” in “Shelf Life”).
Between films, the stills and videos of “Broken Capefive/Kayfabe.” A story that links the two films. The story of the pro wrestling brothers Von Erich from Dallas, Texas, which an Israeli girl called Keren loved and admired. Keren wants to be a part of the famed wrestling family, this is her teenage dream. A fantasy that takes the form of a fictional story, through which she photographs and documents. One by one, the Von Erich brothers commit suicide. This is not a fiction. Keren looks for other families through which she could ask about her place. Keren sells herself senseless. “You cannot help but love Trixie,” says Danny. “It’s impossible not to love Trixie” says Dani
Lea and Diego (Sala-manca)
Opening live show: Winter Family

Winter Family is an Israeli-French experimental music duo consisting of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine, who have been working together since 2004. Their albums were released under the Sub Rosa, Alt-Vinyl and Ici d’ailleurs labels to great acclaim. The duo has performed at venues, churches, galleries and theaters around the world, including the Louvre, the Art Basel fair, the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem and more.

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