Borderline – Two performance events in the frame of Rashamim (drawing biennale), 2014


Tuesday 18/2 and Tuesday 25/2 19:00-21:0o (each day different performances will be held)

Borderline Digital 25.2

Borderline – program (Hebrew)

Participating artists: adi kaplan and shahar carmel together with Dudu Carmel and invited musicians, shira legmann together with musica nova consorthadas ophratlezli rubin-kundajosef sprinzak

Invited artists: Guy Yitzhaki and Dafi Sapunar, Yonatan Amir and Ronen Eidelman

“Borderline” is the title of two performance events featuring new works that address the space of the former Hansen leper house, and engage with cartography, mapping, and drawing in space.

Cartography, as a field of knowledge that encodes the space and delineates the connections between space and identity, employs the language of drawing in order to express political, economic, and social worldviews, all the while preserving and founding perceptions of identity. The works in “Borderline” will offer a different mapping of the space, whether through a revised reading of existing maps or the creation of alternative poetic maps.

The wall of Hansen House – which marked the separation between normal life and abnormal life – serves as the borderline, the initial point of departure for some of the works. The Hansen wall, residue of the outside self-defense against the inside, marks the space of a ghetto, of exile within the city, and serves as an architectural metaphor that echoes other walls. The works in the series of performances engage with the conceptual and concrete notion of the borderline: its delineation, erasure, or blurring. The borderline appears in the works as a formal or metaphorical line that separates and unifies its two sides, produces situations of passage, blockage, schism, or destination, and materializes in the encounter with agents that indicate its existence: customs, police, border crossing, conflict between different interests.

The aspiration towards a utopian borderless space, a plan for a space without lines, was the dream of architect Rodriguez (the pseudonym of João Delgado), who had signed his business card “Arch. Rodriguez – Plans without Lines: an architect on a tightrope”.