Ayala Shamir

Curator: Amir Bolzman


“Records” comprises a collection of recordings the artist gathered over the past ten years. In this work, Shamir delicately and skillfully weaves together memories of her journeys: human encounters, children’s songs, angry frogs, and singing birds – all tied to a composition oscillating between intimate personal documentation and abstract sonic landscapes. Shamir navigates between the realms of concrete music – detaching sounds from their sources and using them as sculptural sound material – and her private documentary world, where sounds are connected to memory and human and social experiences.

The French composer Luc Ferrari, who was raised under the influence of Pierre Schaeffer’s concrete music, called his music “anecdotal music.” Ferrari created compositions involving the intersection between recording devices, society, and everyday life, blending the autobiographical with the sonorous. However, unlike Ferrari, who emphasized the daily banalities, Shamir embraces poetic and endearing moments. These moments, along with sentimental Polaroid images, precise editing, and processed sound textures, give rise to an original and unique creative language.


List of  the recordings:

Michal, Lior and Bastien in the cistern, Jerusalem 2014 / Peter and Martin, Ariege France 2015 / psychedelic run, Kfar Blum 2015 / Amy on the ukulele, Jerusalem 2017 / Mu, Didek and Sasha in my kitchen, Jerusalem 2017 / birds in Lapland, 2017 / Annies’ twins singing in the sauna, Finland 2017 / rain at Janos house, Cisternino Italy 2018 / Locorotondo, Italy 2018 / blacksmith gathering, Ieper Belgium 2018 / with Hadas on the promenade in Lutro, Crete 2023 / Matton and Jo, Gent Belgium 2023 / Parc de Millan, Lausanne Switzerland 2023 / Passerina, Rocchetta Nervina, Italy 2023 / secrete house birds, Orches France 2023.

Ayala Shamir is a multidisciplinary composer, sound artist, and performer. She graduated from the advanced studies program in experimental music and sound art at Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society, Jerusalem (2016). Her works have been presented in events, exhibitions, and festivals such as “Updated Sound” (2014), Musrara Mix (2014, 2016, 2019), and Barbur Gallery. She has also created original music for dance, animation, and performance works in Israel and internationally.

Curator: Amir Bolzman | Project Manager: Naama Mokady

The Tea House is a Sound Gallery in collaboration between the Hansen House and the Mamuta Art and Research Center.

Opening evet: 3.8, 19:30. Facebook Event >>

Opening hours: Mon-Thur: 10:00-22:00, Fri: 10:00-14:00

Closing: 1.10.23

Grafic design: Anat Gutberg

״Pairing Scratches״

Evening performances at the Tea House – Monday 18.9

Two musical sets following the work “Records” by Ayala Shamir

Ayala Shamir – cello

Reyzel – Turntables

Grigori Lumiza – Camanche and effects

21:00 Opening and listening to the sound work “Records”, 21:30 show beginning. Free admission. Warm clothing is recommended.