Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 19:30-23:00
Culture has no Season –Hommage Event to Daniela Passal:
‏The opening of a performance-exhibition of Ayelet Lerman and Open Studio of Mamuta’s artists

Too Much Talk about Space
‏Ayelet Lerman in collaboration with Neta Cohen, Guy Yitzhaki and Zemer Sat
‏Curators: Sala-manca group

‏The project Too Much Talk about Space, concluding 18 months of Ayelet Lerman’s stay at Mamuta’s Studios is an invitation to a wonder visit which embodies a fascinating encounter between sound and visual art in four performances that were turned into unique musical instruments: a metal chimney attached on the mechanism of an old carousel is transformed into a rotating instrument on which she plays, attached to it by her artificial hair. The viewers watch as they spin on another carousel or swing on a seesaw. Another work incorporates Ayelet and Zemer Sat into Sala-manca’s installation Church of Criticism, turning the (wooden) church into a resonance box with taut strings along its length, as the church itself becomes the instrument of the uncompromising luthiers. Another collaboration, with Guy Yizhaki, is a dream in the sounds of spring nights, taking place in the building’s backyard. Lerman’s sound and playing activate Yizhaki’s video work, forming a dialogue that illustrates the wondrous reality of the site, located in a complex historical and political space. The last work is 5 Minutes of Silence, collaboration between Lerman and Neta Cohen, in which the environmental noises were composed and emphasized to illustrate the silence, in a dialogue with John Cage’s famous work, 4:33.


‏Ayelet Lerman is a sound, performance and installation artist, creating at the Daniela Passal Art and Media Center as an artist in residence. She graduated the School of Visual Theater, and received the 2010 Jerusalem Mayor award for her graduation work.  She studied viola at the Music Academy in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Bologna (Italy). She collaborated with various artists and displayed her works in festivals, culture events and exhibitions. This is her first solo exhibition.

The exhibition is a joint production of Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art and Media Center and Hazira

Open Studio

On the same evening, we will also hold an Open Studio featuring Mamuta’s artists – a group of artists working and creating in the center’s studios: Li Lorian (performance); Maytal Rotenberg (installation); Talia Tokatly(sound work), Asya Lukin (sculptures and objects from the animation film she is working on); Itamar Mendes-Flohr (sculptures on light) ; B.Z. Goldberg (filming action with public)  ; Danae Elon (excerpts from the documentary film she is currently working on) and  Moran Gutman (video installation)