Sat. 10.3. 20:00
The Museum of the Contemporary collection “The Storage Room”
Launching of the platform and first exhibition. Curators: Pil & Galia Kollective at
Haifa Museum of Art in the frame of the exhibition Haifa-Jerusalem-Tel Aviv

Storageroom features complete digitized exhibitions ready for download and  display at various venues by secondary curators
The Storageroom features complete exhibitions that are available for download, which underwent a process of digitalization so as to preserve the full quality after they have been downloaded in their respective formats (video, sound, photography, text etc.). After they have been downloaded, the exhibitions could be displayed in the venues available to the secondary curators (those who chose to download the exhibitions) and the conditions they have at their disposal.
The same exhibition could be displayed simultaneously by agents of completely dissimilar nature and financial means: as the exhibition will be displayed differently, and convey cultural and curatorial perceptions that reflect not only the perception of the exhibition’s curators, but also those of the secondary curators displaying it.
1. Exhibition digitized preserving the full quality of media. Exhibiting recommendations and instructions compiled.
2. Exhibition is uploaded by artist or curator, copyright delegated to Storageroom
3. Exhibition downloaded by secondary curator, undigitized and exhibited at available venue

File Transfer Protocol | Opening, Sat. 10.3.12, 20:00 | Haifa Museum of Art
Participating artists: Jem Noble, John Russell, Annabel Frearson, PollyFibre, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Paul Chaney and Kenna Hernly, Darren Banks.
Curators: Pil and Galia Kollectiv

At the opening Ayelet Lerman will perform PollyFibre instructions for scissors music