Josef Sprinzak brings up a vocal discussion over the concept of consent, in a re-adaptation to Bertolt Brecht’s plays. “He Said Yes” and “He Said No”, two of Brecht’s plays which are actually one tale with an alternative ending, become a radio play in which Sprinzak himself play the different characters. The new performance combines different technical sound elements together with original music, radio and theatre materials.  The universal theme presented is the willingness or unwillingness of the individual to sacrifice himself, consciously, for the sake of society.

Music: Yarden Erez

Sound design and effects: Yaniv Kuris and Josef Sprinzak

3 additional performances will be acted:

Ha’olam agol– a duet with the musician Jean-Claude Jones, based on texts by Gertrud Stein

Mikraot Israel– analyzing the connection between conquering the land and the language

Shvil ha’esh– a sound work by yaniv kuris combining digital sound and samples.

Entrance: 20 nis