Thursday, 12.5.2011, 19:30, Free Entrance MemScreen A Talk with the Austrian Filmmaker Friedemann Derschmidt about MemScreen’s projects: MemScreen finds new artistic methods to represent narrations and memories that are associated with the complex historical connections between Israel and Austria, Israel and Austria (repetition) and the Holocaust. MemScreen is creating and researching artistic methods to facilitate the translation of artworks from the Israeli context to the Austrian/European one and vice versa. Memscreen is a project by: Tal Adler, Friedemann Derschmidt, Attila Kosa and Karin Schneider

The Projects: Marcel Roubicek roubi-lustig A 8 channel video Installation about memory-telling in 4 different languages. One Person is telling his whole life’s story in 4 different languages (cz, iw, ger, ar) to 4 male and 4 female interviewers. Marcel Roubicek was born in Prague. Experiencing the Nazi Regime in the Protectorat he founded with some friends a group of militant activists against an upcoming communist regime in Czech Republic. In 1948/49 he had to run from Czechia and came through Vienna to Israel. He was sent by the Jewish Agency to Naharia where he lived in an almost completely German speaking environment. There he learned German as well as Hebrew. After a while his mother came after him. He had to bury her in Akko, because of her Catholic Religion. He met some Franciscans, who gave him a Job in their Publisher’s House in Jerusalem, so he moved into Jerusalem’s Old City . He converted to Islam and became Abu Yussef. After losing the Job, he started working for the security company HaShmira. In the same time he became involved in the first Intifada as a producer of slingshots and explosives. He was without any citizenship the whole time and went back to Prague in 1992. He is still a Muslim and lives in an old peoples’ home as a blind and very poor man. Reichel Komplex a web 2.0 based participative approximation kinder-kl-ad This is a very personal research about the transgenerational handing over of trauma. In the Beginning of the 20th Century Dr Heinrich Reichel an eugenicist or as it was called back then a “Rassenhygieniker” started his very personal eugenic experiment. As a result of the aim to create “new human beings” we find now 9 children, 36 grandchildren, about 80 great grandchildren and so forth… around 1919 Dr. Reichel bought a farmhouse in the countryside of upper austria. He started to fulfill the dream of the youth movement to live a natural life at the countryside. The Phantom of the Story Teller A Film and a Room Installation kamera-01 A collaborative work with the israeli german writing author Ilana Shmueli. How does memory come into existence. What happens when a story s told again and again?. Itineration as a strategy. Whats the function of memory?