Amazing Scenes from Pesach’s Studio

The opening of a joint exhibition of Joel Kantor and Pesach Slabosky

Tuesday, 30.11.10 at 19:30

At Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art and Media Center

Free admission

Kantor has documented Slabosky during the last year. They both met, twice a week in Pesach’s studio in Jerusalem, talked and listened to music while Pesach was painting, sculpting, reading out loud from texts and singing.

Kantor filmed those meetings, when at times; several cameras were filming at the same time. Although documentation was made also in different places, the footage in the film is taken only from Joel’s time with Pesach in his studio, while he’s creating his well known paintings and sculptures. Layers of paint on an already used canvas, which Pesach changed it’s shape by cutting, become layers of connection between the two artists.

In the exhibition, Kantor’s film “amazing scenes from pesach’s studio” (2010) will be screened for the first time, alongside his photographs and Pesach’s works.

“There are many similarities between Joel and I, some of them are clear and exposed to the eye. Some of them require an acquaintance with us.

when you look at the spiral of life, in it’s wide and narrow overlapping points, you can say that both of us will work on an art piece, together.” (Pesach Slabosky)

Joel kantor was an artist at Mamuta at the Daniela Passal art and media center on 2010, he worked at the center’s video and sound labs.

the film ‘amazing scenes from Pesach’s studio’ 30 min, 2010, photography by Joel Kantor, post production in Mamuta, video- Lael Kline, sound- Noam Shpigler

Opening: 30.11.10, 19:30

Gallery hours: 1-23.12.10, Monday-Thursday, 10:00-14:00

During Hamshushalayim: Fridays 3.12, 17.12, 11:00-14:00