Tuesday, November 16th, 19:00 at the Jerusalem Cinemateque

OFF series >> Part 2 >> Masters of Video Art

with the support of the Ostrovsky Family Fund || Curators: Sala-Manca and Sergio Edelsztein – CCA

Sadie Benning

Sadie Banning started at a very young age making videos about finding her identity from her diaries and personal thoughts. She reveals intimacies with the camera concerning her sexuality and through humor and honesty. Her more recent work has moved into animation and film.


Flat is beautiful, 1998, 50:00 min

If every girl had a diary,1992 , 8:00 min

Girl power , 1992 ,15:00 min

Me and rubyfruit, 1990, 5:30 min

German song, 1995, 5:00 min

Tickets: 02-5654333