at Mamuta, July 21st, 17:00

The workshop deals with the re-make of Dziga Bertov’s classical film, digital manipulations and re-make as as concept. The work done during the workshop becomes part of an on-line and ongoing project. The workshop includes- Screening of Dziga Vertov’s original film- man with a movie camera, 1929. Discussion concerning the film’s ideas and aesthetics Introduction to the project’s website and concepts Discussion over remake possibilities: literal remake, interpretive content, interpretive formalism, digital manipulations Shooting footage in real time, from digital still cameras, cell phones, video cameras   Editing, and uploading files. screening remake for participants to see their uploads as part of the global montage   Perry Bard is an artist living in New York; she works individually and with community groups on projects for public spaces, dealing with issues of media representation. Her works were shown worldwide:Ars Electronica – Lindz, Transmediale-Berlin, Montreal Biennale among others…   Bard is participating in Mamuta’s residency program on July 4th – 26th 2010.   For further information: Dana- 077-4310485, ,   The workshop is open to the audience, free of charge, please register in advance, places are limited:send an email with your CV up to 10 lines and details to contact you back.