Saturday 29/10

The Exhibition “Line” by Einat Amir and Guy Ytzhaki opens at 19:30. Dinner starts at 19:42.  The Food will run out at 20:00 (even earlier). Once the food is finished three new performance works by artists in residency at Mamuta will take place. Li Lorian with “Waiting” : the feeling of longing between a landscape-installation at the studio and the act of embroidering at the balcony.  “Toy” by Ayelet Lerman with the collaboration of Amir Bolzman  : an acoustic sound performance of a tin chimney with digital sound mediated by membrane.  David Opp ” Ritual for a Dancer and Machines”: a dancer operates noise machines by moving in space, creating a realtime soundtrack . 22:15 out of drinks

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Line – a joint exhibition by Einat Amir and Guy Yitzhaki