Between the 1st and 5th of August 2010, a summer workshop was held in the Mamuta Art and Media Center, as a pilot for the program Home:Site.

The workshop was based on the OneMinuteVideo model and was led by Yossi Atia, in cooperation with Hadassa Goldvicht, Asma Abuwasel, Guy Yitzhaki, Hagit Keysar, Noam Shpigler and Lael Kline. Coordinator, Hagit Keysar.

The program Home:Site (due to begin in 2011) seeks to create the conditions by which youth participants from Jerusalem, will be able to take an active part in re/producing the physical and virtual public domains through art and creative uses of multimedia.

More about Home:Site can be found here.

The summer pilot was done in cooperation with YMCA youth groups, many thanks for the great meals made by Hila Gootriman and Dana Mizrahi. All was made possible with the support of Diego & Lea (Sala-Manca Group) and Tsah Yahav in the education department of The Jerusalem Fund.

More photos from the workshop here.

site by guy yitzhaki